Negative Google Reviews Caused by Media Attention

If you are a business owner, you know that being in the spotlight can be great for business – that is unless you are in the spotlight due to negative media attention caused by a stance that you took on a political or otherwise controversial issue. Suddenly, you are bombarded with fake reviews and the[…]

Updating Your Website To Make It Mobile-Friendly

By now, you have probably heard – your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Digital marketers have been talking about it for years, although the subject really didn’t get much attention from the average webmaster until Google unleashed Mobilegeddon in 2015. The update gave priority in the search results to websites that were mobile friendly. After[…]

How To Handle Negative Google Business Reviews

You received your first one-star review on Google and your immediate reaction may have been to locate the delete button and delete it As you may have already discovered, such a feature does not exist. You have worked hard all of these years to maintain your five-star rating and then someone comes along and blemishes[…]