Mike Lavallee

Mike’s interest in digital marketing began in early 2009, shortly after graduating from East Carolina University and while working in retail management. He spent his evenings and weekends learning the ropes of online marketing by studying some of the best in the industry. During this time, he began honing his skills by building niche websites that promoted other business’s products for a commission, a practice that’s known as affiliate marketing.

What started out as a side project quickly became a passion and in 2010, he resigned from his job to pursue a new career in digital marketing as an entrepreneur. Over the next eight years, he built and managed multiple affiliate websites which attracted millions of visitors, many of which converted into product sales.

Throughout the years, Mike had met several small business owners who were not satisfied with the quality of work that they were receiving from their digital marketing agencies. A common complaint was that they were spending thousands of dollars each year on marketing services and were not seeing the results that they were promised.

This lead Mike to eventually shift his focus away from affiliate marketing and toward using the skills that he had developed over the years to help these small business owners achieve their marketing goals. He began offering digital marketing services to a limited number of clients and PrimeTraction Marketing was born.

PrimeTraction Marketing was built on five principals:

  • Focus on small business and never accept more work than can be handled.
  • Build a relationship with each client and offer the one-on-one personal attention that they deserve.
  • Charge a price that’s fair and affordable to small businesses.
  • Provide full transparency to each client by showing exactly where each dollar is being spent.
  • Practice only white-hat tactics which result in long-term gains without risking a search engine penalty.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and business partner, Kim. Together, they enjoy traveling, outdoor activities, gardening, volunteering, cooking, and crafting homebrew.

Kim Lavallee

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kim now calls Cary, NC home.  This life-long Steelers fan moved down South to attend East Carolina University in 2004.  She spent her free time working at a local flower shop as a floral designer where she developed her eye for design.  Kim interned at the ECU Dowdy Student Bookstore as an assistant buyer during her senior year of college and acquired her negotiating and business skills while dealing with large vendors including Under Armour and Nike.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Merchandising, Kim moved to Cary with her college sweetheart, Mike.

Kim began her professional career with a collegiate jewelry business based out of Maryland.  Her love for traveling began after making multiple business trips to 43 states nationwide.  As Director of Sales, Kim refined her marketing and customer service skills.  She embraced the small business nature and quickly expanded her skill set to include jewelry design, outsourcing, e-commerce development, social media marketing, graphic design, and just-in-time inventory management. Kim traveled internationally to visit manufacturing facilities while also managing an international contract employee.  After 7 years in the sports licensed industry, Kim took the plunge to join Mike as an entrepreneur. The stars aligned and Mike desperately needed another hand in the office.

This dynamic duo has just the right mesh of personality, skill set, and efficiency.  Kim loves to ask questions and learn about her clients.  Her keen eye originates from her interior design background, but she is definitely a big picture business thinker.  Kim has the vision to turn a concept into fruition while still remaining focused on the details.

Kim loves to travel and plans on visiting all 50 states before she turns 40.  (She’s 32.)  Her thumb is still very green and Kim enjoys moving plants and vegetables around her yard every chance she gets.  You are likely to leave her house with a plant in hand.  She loves to cook.  Kim enjoys a good book with her tuxedo cat, Lynx, nestled on her lap with a warm cup of coffee.